It's time to Unleash your inner dragon...

Welcome to Asian Dragon Martial Arts. ADMA teaches a school of thought that encompasses the teachings of many different styles of self-defense. Japan, China, Korea and the Philippines are just a few of the countries that are represented in our styles.

The high level of instruction and the years of experience demonstrated at ADMA offer a unique opportunity for students to learn a wide array of skills and be introduced to different cultures from around the world

Located at 1079 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach Fl.

ADMA has the following classes:

Nido Shubi Ryu - Self Defense Style

Jeet Kune Do Concepts - Fighting Style - Tournaments

Filipino Kali Training - Escrima sticks fighting and self defense

Little Warriors Program for students ages 3 to 7.

No Contract and keep current belt if transferring from another school or style.

1079 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach 32233

Call Erlinda at 904-891-6891